In the final analysis, what makes a place unique is its people. Over the centuries, the people of Saligao have distinguished themselves in varied fields and in different parts of the world. Musicians, writers, educationists, doctors, businessmen, religious – Saligao has had it all. And then of course there are the colourful characters of the village, whose antics and wisdom have been a perennial source of amusement and admiration.

People. [Sketch by Mel D'Souza ©]





Champion Of The Downtrodden

Saga Of Selfless Heroism

The Trail-Blazing Educationist

The Doyen of Indian Cricket

The Electric Entrepreneur

Norman Dantas – A Journalist Par Excellence

The Erudite Journalist

Principal Lobo

Men Of Valour

The Vendor Of Church Wine

History Of Tabravaddo

Cotula Walk – III

Cotula Walk -II

Cotula Walk – I

Successful Saligaokars Around The Globe

Professor Eduardo’s Saligao Connection

Stepping Stones To Success

Saligao’s Respected Doctors And Compounders

Freedom Fighters From Saligao

Walking through Grande Morodd, Pequeno Morodd and Goletem

The World-Famous Ophthalmologist

The Goan Nightingale

The Man Behind The Saligao Church

The Caring Brigadier

The Advocate With A Journalistic Leaning

The Learned Professor Of Coimbra

Konkani Litterateurs Of Saligao

The Pioneer Of Karachi

The Good Doctor Of Grande Morodd

Mozambique’s First Book

Manuelinho, The Scouts-Master



Fr. Albert Saldanha: A remarkable priest

Spreading Cheer

The Good Pastor Of Saligao

The Silver Jubilarian From Saligao

A Nun of Substance

The Trappist Monk From Saligao

Reaching For The Hundreds

The Thoroughbred Jesuit



Reminiscences of Saligao in the 1940s

Patru, My Guide

His But To Reason Why

Alms And The Man

Of Fisherfolk And Farmers

Blending Compassion With Toughness

Our Family’s “Baba” Black Sheep

Saligao Nicknames

The Shooter Of Stray Dogs

The Curse Of The Evil Eye

Shiree The Milkman

Biungow The Weather Forecaster

My Friend Miku



3 comments on People

  • Antonio Marques

    How could I get some/more information about the Marques from Saligao? Would appreciate any help in tracing my roots. Thank you.

  • Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

    Are you aware that the Salmona spring, and the bridge over the nullah near the church, are featured in a rather well-known novel that was published in America and won an award? The book was also picked as one of the twenty most notable first novels to be published in 1998.

  • Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas

    Dear and good Mr. Victor,
    Happy New Year2009 to you and yours.
    You know me quite well as I have visited you at Porvorim when I was at the Clergy Home last year. At that time you mentioned to me about Salmona Fountain as well as about the Nullah- Saligao and I did read about it in your award winning novel, which you kindly offered to me. I had also written about Salmona fountain on Saligao net much earlier, but very few have heard about the Aquem spring. Hence I included it in my blog. This Aquem Fountain is at the back of my house at Mollebhatt- Saligao.. It is part and parcel of a hillock. But many people from neighbouring villages like Nagoa, Sangolda, Parra, did go there to have bath as it is known for its cure of eyes. However I am sad to say that it is been neglected and the flow of water is much reduced. Now a restaurant is located in its vicinity and frequented by overseas tourists and is called West-End.
    Salmona fountain is quite famous and many people know about it since long, but tall buildings have come up overnight over there and covered the way leading to the spring. It is also famous for birds that visit the greenery over there.
    . My friend Mr. Subhash Khadpe is now in USA . Both of us studied at Mater Dei Institute-Saligao,( I know you and your sisters also studied in this Institute) spoke much about the Salmona fountain to his American wife and his two American educated boys . However he was disappointed to see the fountain in a bad state when he visited the village last year along with his family . The flow is reduced to a trickle and has lost much of its charm of yester years, he sadly remarked. It is the same story about the Aquem fountain. Hope the authorities do something with the collaboration of the villagers.
    I think you had written too on Salmona fountain in one of the dailies of Goa too, am I right?. You will have much to contribute to my blog on Saligao. Please do so. I thank you in anticipation.
    I am at present at Santo Estevao- Ilhas, doing spiritual duties to the nuns and boarders of St. Francis Xavier Convent. Regards and prayers to you and your family members. Bye for now. Fr.Nascimento Mascarenhas.