Saligao is in many ways the archetypal Goan village. The history of Goa and the history of Saligao are of course inextricably entwined. But against the larger backdrop, there have been innumerable specific occurrences, incidents and happenings, all contributing towards the making of the distinct entity that is Saligao – similar to the other villages of Goa, yet so different!

Transport back then. [Sketch by Mel D'Souza ©]


What Are Goa’s Villages Famous For?

The Study Of Konkani

Saligao in the Fifties

A Home Away From Home – The Goan Kudd

History of the Saligao Institute

Of Fisherfolk and Farmers

Comunidades de Goa

Historical view of education and schools in Saligao

History of Donvaddo – II

History of Donavaddo – I

History of Mollebhatt

History of Tabravaddo

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  • how do you account for perfect geomenty of govan paddy fields? Near verna, paddy field bunds run in a straight line for more than 2000 feet! I have further read somewhere that Goan measure of paddy field matches with that of mesapotemia (Iraq). When compared to paddy fields elsewhere in india goan paddy fields look like they are from another planet. So your simple explanation of history in terms of four races does not hold water. Goan history is different, even from pre-colonial days. Did only idias came from Iraq or was there a large poppulation influx?

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