In the final analysis, what makes a place unique is its people. Over the centuries, the people of Saligao have distinguished themselves in varied fields and in different parts of the world. Musicians, writers, educationists, doctors, businessmen, religious – Saligao has had it all. And then of course there are the colourful characters of the village, whose antics and wisdom have been a perennial source of amusement and admiration.

People. [Sketch by Mel D'Souza ©]


Tilamola and Fr. Erlick de Souza of Saligao

In the footsteps of Blessed Joseph Vaz

The Bishop of Bassein in Burma

Fr. Albert Saldanha: A remarkable priest

Spreading Cheer

The Good Pastor Of Saligao

Fifty Years Of Dedicated Service

The Silver Jubilarian From Saligao

A Nun Of Substance

The Friar from Sangolda

Patru, My Guide

The Trappist monk from Goa

Magnificent houses and curious surnames

Reaching for the hundreds

Cotula walk – IV

The thoroughbred Jesuit