Legendary stories passed down from one generation to another often take on a life of their own, gleefully growing embellishments and exaggerations at the will of whimsical story-tellers along the way. And then there are our own nostalgic memories of good times gone by, maybe not always completely accurate with the passage of time, but heartwarming nonetheless. Either way, interesting reading indeed!

Shooting the breeze. Saligao Serenade. [ Sketch by Mel D'Souza © ]


The fiery priest

Cycling in Goa down the Saligao hill

What are Goa’s villages famous for?

The vendor of church wine

The Foxes In The Sugarcane Plantation

Our family’s “Baba” Black Sheep

An encounter with the Gagro-Naik

Customs, superstitions and traditions in Saligao – II

Customs, superstitions and traditions in Saligao - I

Animal talk

The revenge of the cobra

The 'haunting' of Padre Lourenço

Christuleacho Vôd - The Gateway of Saligao