In the final analysis, what makes a place unique is its people. Over the centuries, the people of Saligao have distinguished themselves in varied fields and in different parts of the world. Musicians, writers, educationists, doctors, businessmen, religious – Saligao has had it all. And then of course there are the colourful characters of the village, whose antics and wisdom have been a perennial source of amusement and admiration.

People. [Sketch by Mel D'Souza ©]


A tribute to Alfred D'Cruz

The first Goan ICS Officer

More trailblazers from Saligao

The businessman in East Africa

The Merchant Prince Of Saligao

Champion Of The Downtrodden

Saga Of Selfless Heroism

The Trail-Blazing Educationist

The doyen of Indian cricket

The Electric Entrepreneur

Norman Dantas – A Journalist Par Excellence

The Erudite Journalist

Principal Lobo

Men of Valour

The Soprano from Sangolda

The vendor of church wine

History of Tabravaddo

Magnificent houses and curious surnames

Cotula walk – IV

Cotula walk – III

Cotula walk – II

Cotula walk – I

Successful Saligaokars around the globe

Professor Eduardo’s Saligao connection

Stepping stones to success

The ascendants of artist F N Souza

Saligao's respected doctors and compounders

Freedom fighters from Saligao

A walk through Arrarim – II

Walking through Grande Morodd, Pequeno Morodd and Goletem