Saligao, like any other village in Goa, has its fair share of intricate customs and traditions, handed down over the generations. Sadly, many of these have disappeared, as the inexorable march of the monocultural trappings of the modern world continues to trample into extinction everything else in its path. Well, happily, some of the customs and traditions are still holding out, and the superstitious beliefs will probably never die!

Customs & Beliefs. [Sketch by Mel D'Souza ©]


A bird’s eye view of the Saligao Feast of Mae de Deus

Curiosities Of Young Lads In Saligao Of The Fifties

Saligao in the Fifties

A Home Away From Home – The Goan Kudd

Go Jump in a Well!

Alms and the man

Of Fisherfolk and Farmers

Comunidades de Goa

The carriage that never ran out of fuel

Saligao nicknames – swearing by a quaint Goan tradition

Christmas in Goa

Magnificent houses and curious surnames

Glimpses of Goan tradition

Customs, superstitions and traditions in Saligao – II

Customs, superstitions and traditions in Saligao - I

The first rains in Saligao

Of church bells and lights

Ros Kaddunk - The bath with coconut milk

The President of the Harvest Festival

A wristful of bangles

A trousseau for the bride

The Beggars' Lunch

Biungow the weather forecaster

Saint Anthony's Key

The curse of the evil eye