Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas

Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas. Pic by Frederick Noronha

Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas. Pic by Frederick Noronha

Most of the essays on Saligao Serenade have been authored by Fr Nascimento Jose Mascarenhas. A name familiar to readers of Renovaçao and other periodicals that cover events in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman, Fr. Nascimento has written much on the history of the Catholic Church in Goa. The son of Ana Eufregina Lobo and Felipe Xavier Mascarenhas of Saligao, Goa, Fr. Nascimento obtained his early education at the Saligao Union School and the Mater Dei Institute.

Hearing the call of God, he joined the Minor Seminary of Saligao-Pilerne, where he completed the Humanities course. He studied Philosophy and Theology at the Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol in Goa and was ordained a priest on 26 April 1970 at St. Andrew’s Church in Vasco da Gama, Goa. He has served in various capacities at the churches of Panjim, Guirim, Sucaldem (Chinchinim), Porvorim, Baixo, Veroda, Mormugao Harbour, Penha de Franca, Rachol, Loutolim, Moira, Mapuca and Vasco da Gama.

Fr. Nascimento is endowed with special musical talents and has excelled as a singer and composer. His mando composition, Poilo Mog, bagged the first prize on the occasion of the 25th Mando Festival organised by the Goa Cultural and Social Centre. He also has a few religious compositions approved by the Diocesan Commission for Sacred Music.

Fr. Nascimento is passionate about history, especially Church history. He has contributed several articles of historical importance in Konkani for magazines such as Gulab and Goencho Avaz and the Diocesan Bulletin Renovaçao. He has also written six books: “Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom – from Goa to Lisboa”; “A Paean to an Ophthalmologist – Prof. Dr. Gama Pinto”, “Mormugao’s Rich Heritage” and, “Follow Me” (three volumes published thus far, covering the history of Goan Catcholic church parishes and their parish priests down the ages).

The essays featured on Saligao Serenade have been selected and edited by Val Souza, from the vast number of postings by Fr. Nascimento on the Saligaonet mailing-list since 2001 and additional material that he has written subsequently. Fr. Nascimento is currently based at the Holy Spirit Church in Margao, Goa. His Gmail id is najoma8. The sketches of Saligao featured on this website are courtesy Mel D’Souza. Several of the photos are from Frederick Noronha’s vast portfolio.

Mel D’Souza


Mel D’Souza is a Canadian Goan living in Brampton, Ontario. He was born in Dar es Salaam, East Africa, the fourth child of Rosario and Julia Souza-Couth (Arrarim, Saligao). Mel spent four years (1948-1952) as a schoolboy in Mater Dei Institution, Saligao, when Goa was Portuguese territory. Mel D'Souza

He is a self-taught artist and cartoonist, a hobby he pursued throughout his working career and after his early retirement in 1993 when he took up writing. Since then, he has been an illustrator and columnist for Newfoundland’s Downhome Magazine that has a circulation of 50,000 in 18 countries. In 2001, Mel began to write and compile stories of his schooldays in Saligao, and had them published in a book entitled FEASTS, FENI and FIRECRACKERS for which he also did all the illustrations.

Mel has been a good friend of Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas ever since their first communication via e-mail in January, 2002. In his book, Mel’s stories of his personal experiences growing up in Saligao during the Portuguese era give the reader a unique perspective and better understanding of the history, customs, and traditions so comprehensively documented by Fr Nascimento in his essays.

Mel is also a seasoned traveller and avid photographer, and his pictures and illustrations appear on this website.

Fr Nascimento with Mel D'Souza : Dec 2005, Panjim

Fr Nascimento with Mel D'Souza : Dec 2005, Panjim

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  • Michael Pinto

    Please pass this note to Fr. Nascimento
    Hello Fr. This is Michael Pinto. we were very good friends while you i were in Panjim and I still recollect your melodic voice , you sang for my wedding too. I do not have your e-mail address and tried many times phoning you but nobody picks it up. Hope we can chat through e-mail. I am in Winnipeg Canada, where the temperatures are very cold. today it is -36C. My Cousin Suzie Pinto did meet you. Do you have a mobile? then send me the number and which is the best time to call you
    Natallanchi ani Novea vorsanchi porbim
    Sondanch mogan ravuyya

  • Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas

    Dear Michael,
    I wish you and your family A Happy and Grace-filled New Year 2009. What a surprise mail. It deserves a quick reply. Our good friend Michael has always been a surprise says another person from Panajim who remembers you. After praying for years and sending regards with known people to you, both of us at last met on the 1st day of the new year through e-mail ( blog). Your MC-ponn is still fresh in our mind but my voice is no more. Now you run if u hear me. However, it is great to know that you are in Canada and increasing in grace and wisdom. Well at the moment I am is Santo Estevam , the green Island of Goa, in a Convent, serving the community of St. Francis Xavier, since July 2008 and my phone number is 2287251. Please continue to go over my blog. I do the writing at Santo Estevam and my pal Val D’Souza in Mumbai does the editing. He is my neighbor in Saligao. It is his idea. I do the writing and he does the editing, blogging etc. Please keep in touch.
    Keep well and my regards to u and yours. Bye for now. Much love. Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas

  • Rudy Fernandes

    Dear Fr. Nascimento,

    Greetings from faraway Canada. Trust that you are well and thank you and your team in keeping up the spirit and history of Saligao. You deserve our gratitude for your great work.

    I know that you will be very proud, as I am, at the recent Papal Knighthood that was bestowed on one of our own sons of Saligao, Dr. Colin Saldanha.

    Despite his very busy practice and his high-level involvement in the Canadian political and social scene, Dr. Saldanha makes the effort and takes the time to be actively involved in the Catholic Church.

    The late Sir (Col.) Victor A. Cardoso KHS, who was vested in 1997 (from Toronto and ex E. Africa), was also a very committed son of Saligao.

    Let us all be proud that our small village of Saligao continues to provide the leadership in many key areas, especially relating to our community and faith.

    God bless,

    Rudy Fernandes

    People Places and Things

    Dr. Colin Saldanha, bestowed Papal Knighthood in the
    “Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.”
    Sent by: Rudy Fernandes

    Click image to enlarge

    Congratulations to Dr. Colin Saldanha, renowned physician of Mississauga, Canada on the honour bestowed on him of a Papal Knighthood in the “Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.”

    Colin was knighted by His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, on September 20, 2014.

    This is a Papal Knighthood that dates back to the First Crusade when its leader, Godfrey de Bouillon, liberated Jerusalem.

    Colin joins our other Goan community individuals who were previously honoured:

    - Sir Patrick J. Rodrigues vested in 1992 – now KGCHS – and Lady Margaret Rodrigues, LGCHS
    - Sir Nuno de Lima vested in 1997 – now KGCHS – and Lady Norma de Lima, LGCHS
    - The late Sir (Col.) Victor A. Cardozo KHS vested in 1997 and Lady Rosita Cardozo, LCHS
    - Sir Eric De Souza vested in 2004 – now KC*HS

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