Fr. Nascimento Obituary Notice

3 comments on Fr. Nascimento Obituary Notice

  • Wasy D'Cruz

    My sincerest condolences to Father Mascarenhas’s family on his passing.He was truly a great man, and a deeply spiritual man. He will be missed.

  • Hazel Pereira (nee Mascarenhas)

    On behalf of the Mascarenhas family, thank you for condolence message on the passing away of Fr. Nasciment.

    Father Nasciment was the spiritual pillar of our family and we are sure he will continue to guide us from above.

  • Villiers Stephen

    So shocked to read the demise of Fr. Nascimento, just after I posted my comments addressed to him on a piece he had written on Gama Pinto and Principal Lobo.
    My sincerest condolonces to members of the agrieved family.
    May his Soul rest in Peace.

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