Recycling in Goa

by Ashley Delaney

It is heartening to note that more and more people in Goa are becoming conscious of the environment around them and beginning to make efforts towards conservation and eco-friendly behaviour. However, often, good intentions do not get translated into action because of lack of information on avenues for recycling in Goa, garbage segregation and disposal, etc.

But please don’t give up! To help kickstart your recycling initiatives, here’s all you need to know about recycling in Goa, with specific reference to Saligao.

Always remember that recycling works best when a strict policy of segregation of different types of waste is followed. It is also important to note the difference between reusing and recycling. For instance, we can reuse a discarded water bottle as a flower pot, but recycling means that it will be converted back into virgin plastic and serve as raw material again in the manufacturing process.


All types of plastics are accepted at any of the scrap yards in and around Saligao. The village of Saligao itself plays host to at least five scrap yards. You could keep your plastic waste in a separate large bag or bin at your house and then hand it over to the scrap yard when full. In Saligao, there are two scrap yards in Grande Morodd, and one each in Sonarbhatt-Cotula and Nigvaddo.

Paper and cardboard

All the scrap yards in Saligao and elsewhere in Goa accept all types of waste paper and cardboard. Please keep your paper waste in a separate box or bin designated for this purpose at your residence, and hand it over when full.

Glass – broken or intact

All types of glass, whether broken, or intact in the form of bottles, etc, are accepted for recycling in Goa at the scrap yard in the Grande Morodd ward in Saligao, which is located opposite the European School, in the fields.


Tetrapacks, which are used as packaging for milk, juice and other liquids, need to be collected separately for recycling in Goa. Remove any plastic straws or caps that come with the tetrapacks and store these separately with your other plastic waste. The flattened tetrapacks can then be dropped off, for recycling, in a box that has been kept for this purpose at the garage of the Delaney residence in Abreovaddo, Saligao. Please contact Ashley Delaney on 9823118321 if you need more details.


Saligao plays host to the first e-waste recycling centre in Goa at Group TenPlus, Abreovaddo, Saligao. (at the back of the Delaney residence). Old and non-working electronic equipment such as stereos, computers, mobile phones, circuit boards, etc, are accepted here from all over Goa. A complete list of the range of e-waste accepted for recycling in Goa can be downloaded from the Group TenPlus website at this link. Incidentally, the E-waste Management and Handling Rules, notified by the Indian Government’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has come into effect from May 1, 2012, stipulating that it is mandatory for e-waste to be sent for recycling.


Small composting bin

Many households in Saligao and elsewhere in Goa have good composting pits and are involved in composting their biodegradable wet waste. People with at least 2×2 metres free space in their gardens are advised to build a composting pit, or buy a plastic readymade container for this purpose. Recycled plastic composting bins are available from GMI Zarhak Moulders, a company headquartered in Verna. Check out their website for details.

Information about composting solutions can also be obtained from people in Saligao who have been actively involved in this area. Knowledgeable individuals include Nicholas Sequiera (Sonarbhatt); Mario Mascarenhas (Sonarbhatt) and Ambrose Vaz (Dmellovaddo). Composting can provide you with adequate natural fertiliser for your garden, thus reducing dependence on potentially harmful chemicals.

Tubelights, CFLs & Batteries

Tubelights, CFL bulbs and batteries are hazardous items, as due to breakage or leakage, harmful chemicals are released into the environment. Further, the recycling cost is often more than the cost of a new bulb or battery! Currently in Goa only a few corporates and manufacturing units follow this recycling. One hopes that the government in Goa will soon come out with subsidies to encourage such recycling or that manufacturers make it part of their EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) initiatives. Until then it is best to store these items carefully. Tubelights could be kept in a cardboard or corrugated box in a safe corner of your house or shed and batteries could be kept in a glass bottle or a collection bottle available from the Goa Civic & Consumer Action, GOACAN (e-mail or for details).

Plastics clean-up drive in Saligao

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  • Wasy D'Cruz

    I am delighted to read the note about garbage collection. Recently, my son and his family were around the globe trip. They stopped in Goa, and visited Saligao and Aldona. They were impressed with the homes they visited and the hospitality and friendliness of the hosts in Goa.They thoroughly enjoyed their visit to GOA. However, they complained about garbage all over,particularly around Taj Heritage in Aquada, where they were staying. They said it was worse than any other part of India. So this is very good news, indeed.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Wasy, Read yr. comments on the public hygene in Goa as experienced by your son/family on their recent visit to GOa. Great that you have brought it to the attention of the authorites (hopefully) & they might attempt to do something about it. Good Luck Arduino

  • Wasy D'Cruz

    Hi Arduino de Sousa:

    Will be in Toronto from Sept. 27 thru. Oct 1. Would love to see you or talk to you.Staying at Howard Johnson, Yorkville. 416-964-1220. Sorry dont have your e-mail or tel address.

    Wasy D’Cruz

  • Rebecca Manari

    My son Ishaan in very interested to learn more about recycling and how to get more involved in helping the planet. It’s very encouraging to know that there are people with the same passion right here, so close to where we live. (Calangute)

  • Mayuri Kekre

    We’ve lot of old files & papers which we want to give to someone who can recycle those papers & in return give us recycled papers’ notebooks, pencils, tea coasters, etc.

    If you know somebody, pls contact immediately.
    Weight of papers : 350 Kgs (Xerox Papers)
    Contact no.: 08879774787, Panjim, Goa

    Mayuri Kekre

  • Mr.Pankaj J

    Respected Sir/Mam,
    We required paper scrap newspapers 100 MT or more at Goa port.if anybody can supply plz do reply with ur quotes,T/C etc at our email id = ASAP.

  • Jagdish patel

    We required plastic scrap 100 MT par months.anybody can conteck mi
    7817884911…jagdish patel.Dhoraji.Gujrat
    Thank you…

  • We are Dharwad (Hubli) based Plastic recycling company. We buy any type of plastic for recycling.
    Contact. Shashidhar Madarkhandi
    GSM Plastic Industries. Belur
    Dharwad Karnataka
    What’s app number.+91-9960586948,8762299442

  • Santosh dhudum

    Respected sir/Mam
    We are going to plan a waste paper recycling plant in Kolhapur. If any one have contact with paper recycling machine supplier then contact on my email id
    Santosh Dhudum
    Thank you

  • Harshita Singh

    A big heartfelt thank you to this article which explains in simple details and provides clear info on recycling and reusing of all kinds of waste in Goa. I have been seeking such information to change my lifestyle and the environment around me for the better. Satisfactory to see this movement out there and being shared by your article. Sincerely.

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