Third Anniversary of Saligao Serenade

Saligao Serenade — the website focusing on the history, traditions, heritage, culture, folklore and people of Saligao, the colourful Goan village in Bardez, Goa – is three years old today.

On this third anniversary, Saligao Serenade sports a new avatar, with layout and design revamped for better visual appeal and readability.

Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas has written so much on Saligao and Goa over the last three years, and his essays are timeless treasures that can be read again and again without losing any of their sheen. The new design of the website endeavours to regularly pull out these gems from the archives and periodically highlight the best essays featured over the years.

All content is being further enhanced with pictures and graphics, and will also be embellished with video clips whenever appropriate and possible.

To partially defray the expenses incurred in hosting and maintenance, Saligao Serenade now features syndicated advertisements and affiliate marketing promotions. Please do support us by checking out the offerings of sponsors.

As Saligao Serenade continues to evolve we will be broadening the scope and range of content to include articles on Goa of interest to Goans, Goa buffs, visitors and others. Do write in with your comments and suggestions on what you’d like to see more of on Saligao Serenade.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year and much warmth, love and laughter throughout 2012!

- Val Souza, Editor


6 comments on Third Anniversary of Saligao Serenade

  • Congratulations on your third anniversary, Val, and thank you for collating Fr. Nascimento’s prolific works online for all Saligaokars to enjoy.

    Best wishes for 2012 and convey my very best to Fr. Nascimento.


    Kevin Saldanha

  • Dear Val,
    A very Happy New Year to you. Great to read about the 3rd Anniversary of saligaoserenade which you so wonderfully edit and post and updates now with designs, pictures and grafics. May Jesus and Mother Mary bless you with good health and peace and much thanks for your co-operation. You us going and that is a great feeling. My heartfelt wishes also go to Mel D’Souza in Canada. Much love, fr. nascimento mascarenhas.

  • Jose Higino Miranda

    Sr. Padre,

    Congratulations and a belated abraco, I had only managed to log on the site. Wish you abundant courage, strength and focus to enable you continue your dedication in full swing — HELP SPREAD THE NOSTALGIA OF SALIGAO —

    Optimo Saude !!


  • Dear Higino,
    Thank you for your encouragement. It becomes a little bit difficult when I am ‘on the staff’of the busy and vast parish of Margao to do research on Saligao.Also am keeping indifferent health However my priority is Pastoral work you know and writing about our native village is just a hobby. If I feel better than I will try to do something more for Saligao. Your mother and your sister are fine. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep in touch. God bless you and your family. fr. nascimento mascarenhas.

  • Val Souza

    Thank you Fr Nascimento, Kevin, Higino and everyone else for your good wishes. Hoping that Saligao Serenade can live up to all the expectations this year!

  • Jose Higino Miranda

    Hello Val,

    You surely have my best wishes that Saligao Serenade will achieve its mission as it has a focused vision.

    My roots too come from Saligao, with my mom coming from Grande Morrod and Pe. Nascimento currently being in my parish at Holy Spirit Church, Margao (where my dad comes from).

    My meeting with Pe. Nascimento was just coincidental and we did take it over from there.

    Appreciate your kind words, and in turn you too being a pioneer in the mission, have my sincere wishes for success and wellness.

    Respectful Regards


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