Experiencing faith and who God is


“Recently I heard an appealing analogy for the faith experience. It seems that a small boy was flying a kite high up in the sky. Soon a low-drifting cloud encircled the kite and hid it from view. A man passing by asked the little boy what he was doing with that string in his hand. “Flying the kite,” the child responded. The man looked up at the sky and saw only the cloud in an otherwise clear sky. “I don’t see a kite up there. How can you be sure that there is a kite up there?” The child replied, “I don’t see it either, but I know my kite is up there because every once in a while there is little tug on the string.”


“In the same sense I know that there is a guiding hand in mine as I proceed along the path of my life. I know there is a light, not mine, that shows me the way I am to go, one step at a time. I know that the Lord walks with me. And there is a deep and warm sense of gratitude in my heart to walk this way with everyone as my companions. With the Lord’s guidance and in their company, every once in a while there is a little tug on the string. Thanks for letting me tell you about it.”

[Excerpted from The Christian Vision].



“Once upon a time I used to think: “If I improve, become more charitable, eliminate my frequent faults of commission and omission, if I pray more, and so forth, God will love me more.” I am now convinced that this kind of thinking involves a serious misconception of our loving God. It is simply incompatible with a true vision of God. Again, it is making God to our human image and likeness. It ascribes to God that kind of you have to earn it type of conditional love with which we humans often pretend to love one another.


“Almost all of our human experience has been with conditional love – if you change… if you do this or don’t do that… I will love you. So we have to sit with this thought of God’s conditional, freely given love, and think about it for a long time. We have to soak in the realisation of God’s love in prayerful meditation. The truth of covenant, the truth that God could have made a world without you or me, but that such a world would have been incomplete for him—these are truths that are taken in slowly and realised only with the help of grace. God wanted you and me just the way we are, because… simply because this is the you and this is the me he has always loved. God is love. This is all God ever does.”

[Excerpted from The Christian Vision].


I knew two twin-brother priests known as “Zonvle Pat’tiu”, namely Fr. Cosme José Feliciano Cordeiro and Fr. Tomé Damião Nicolau Cordeiro from Saligao, who practised  this type of love and in silence spread the fragrance of God’s love as they daily walked from home to Saligao Church or St. Anne’s Chapel to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or visit the Blessed Sacrament. They were examples and guiding lights to us youngsters and in every parish that they worked they spread God’s unconditional love by their lives, a fact that was experienced and is remembered even today by their parishioners.


Compiled by Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas


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