Second Anniversary of Saligao Serenade

Amazing how time seems to fly – Saligao Serenade is two years old today, 27 December 2010. It seems like just yesterday that Fr Nascimento’s brother Michael and sister-in-law Lina formally clicked open Saligao Serenade, on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 27 December 2008.

Thanks to the prolific writing of Fr Nascimento, we now have over 100 essays up on the website and many more in the pipeline, awaiting editing and upload. Some of the enhancements to Saligao Serenade planned for 2010 did not pan out, but I hope to deliver on many of these in the first quarter of 2011.  Definitely, you can expect a new design and some graphic additions, in the form of photos, video and audio, very very soon. In addition, Mel D’Souza, who has contributed his lovely sketches and some very poignant essays, has been kind enough to grant me permission to use a few more essays from his delightful book Feasts, Feni and Firecrackers.

It’s heartening to note the increasing readership and participation from people all over the world, and a special thank you is due to all  who comment on the essays, as this keeps Saligao Serenade vibrantly alive. Although Fr Nascimento has been going through a bad patch in terms of health, his writing continues to flow unabated. Do pray that God may grant him good health to continue the great and important work he has been doing, for many more years to come.

Please do continue to visit Saligao Serenade regularly and send in your feedback and comments – even if it’s only a line or two – as that’s what keeps us motivated and enthusiastic to do more.

Best wishes for a Peaceful, Joyful and Fruitful 2011.

- Val Souza, Editor

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