First Anniversary of Saligao Serenade

Saligao Serenade is one year old today, 27 December 2009. We thank all our readers, well wishers, collaborators, and those who commented on the essays, for keeping Saligao Serenade vibrantly alive. In the coming months you will see an even better and brighter Saligao Serenade, with enhanced design, many more photographs, and a bit of audio and video as well. Please do continue to visit regularly and send in your feedback and comments, as that’s what keeps us motivated and enthusiastic to do more. Now that Fr Nascimento Mascarenhas is online again (his Gmail id is najoma8) you can be sure that every comment will be responded to. And, as always, you can expect some well-researched, insightful and interesting essays from Fr N!

Best wishes for a super 2010.

- Val Souza, Editor

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