The advocate with a journalistic leaning

by Fr. Nascimento Mascarenhas

Manuel Nascimento de Abreu, born in Saligao’s Abreuvaddo on 14 May 1866, was a well-known advocate as well as an efficient journalist in Goa. His parents were Jeronimo Caetano de Abreu and Carlota Coelho. Manuel was an eminent figure in the taluka of his birth in Goa and a much sought-after lawyer. He played a major part in all the movements that had “the good of the nation” as their aim.

As a Goan journalist Manuel de Abreu edited the weekly A Epoca. He also collaborated in Conviccao, Verdade and Liberal, the journals of those times. Moreover, he was a member of the various commissions of public service. Over the years he was appointed judge of the Mormugao Municipality, member of the General Junta of the Province, member of the Municipality of Bardez, and associate of the Council of the Government in Goa.

He wrote several books including Um Esbulho Violento Fantastico (“A Fantastic Violent Usurpation”). Manuel de Abreu died on 16 January 1946.

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  • Johanna Bayer

    By chance I came across this website – I live in Germany, my father is German, but my mother was born in Saligao in the Abreu house in Abreuvaddo, she is the granddaughter of Nascimento d´Abreu! Her maiden name is Mecia d´Abreu Castellino, her mother – Nascimento´s daughter – married a Castellino. What a lovely surprise to find my great-grandfather mentioned here. My mother was very fond of him, she was 14 when he died. Last year, 2008, I went his grave in the Saligao church, together with my aunt, my mother´s sister Alita, who now lives in Calcutta.
    Thank you for this wonderful site, I will share this with my mother and my cousins.
    Johanna Bayer (Germany)

  • alita bhattacharyya

    thank you for this site.
    i too am one of the great grandchildren and am based in bangalore.
    my mother Alita Castellino DSouza is based in calcutta.
    we grew up listening to some wonderful stories of saligao and the abreus.
    i visited abreu house just once as a child but the memories are still very vivid.
    i hope that through this site we are able to connect with all our relatives.
    thank you
    alita bhattacharyya

  • alita castellino d'souza

    Thank You for this site
    I am the eldest grandchild Of Manuel Nascimento Abreu and Eslinda Praxedes Menezes of Sangolda fondly known as the “morgado” of my grandparents. My grand mother had several brothers and sisters.
    My mother Ana Otilia Abreu was married to Rozario Francisco Castellino of Assagao . His father’s name was Pedro Miguel Castellino and mother was Maria Avelina Borges of Olaulim. They had settled in Lonavla. One Castellino branch had settled in Karachi. I would love to hear fom relatives whom I have lost contact with

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Ladies and Fr Nascimento,
    It is indeed interesting reading the information provided. As it so happens, I am rather curious to find the name Castellino (Assagao) and the place Karachi. As it so happens, my grandfather Mathias de Sa Sangolda) had a sister, who was married to a Castellino. As it so happens another sister was married in Assagao. So, you can imagine my surprise as to the coincidence. My father’s family were established in Karachi and the Castellino brother-in-law lived there as well. The last I know is that this branch of the Castellinos moved to Canada. I only have the name Sonny (definitely a pet name).
    Another coicidence is that Eslinda’s brother Vincent de Menezes was married to my father’s second cousin Victoria de Souza from Siolim.
    I am therefore wondering if you had additional information to help me with this quest.

  • fr.nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear Fausto
    At the moment i do not have any additional informatiom that you wanted. I am also not in the village of Saligao at the moment but i will try to find out. Here in Goa people are not much interested in such matters Nevertheless i pray for you and yours. God bless you
    fr. nascimento mascarenhas

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Thank you for your email. I was hoping to catch the attention of the descendants of Nascimento Abreu.
    By the way, there are atleast two other Abreu families from Saligao with links to Karachi and I wonder if there was a connection. The first was the famous Cincinatus d Abreo (The longest serving President of the Karachi Goan Association) as well as one Frank d Abreo. I wonder if there is any connection. I am sure that they are both from Abreu Waddo.
    One of my work colleagues is another Saligao Abreu but hailing from Cotula.
    Regards and thanks


  • fr. nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear Fausto,
    I am not an expert in these matters of geneology but sometimes I do a little research when time permits In this search I may not be 100% sure, sometime guess workome has to do as the people I would like to contact I don’t have them here in Goa. By chance sometimes you meet someone interested in such subject and that too from the native place. But there is hesitation. However i will try to do something for you regarding the Abreus. But the search is like that you may by chance get a clue to work. So I am in this position. Do kindly pray that people may co-operate. Links here ant there put together may reach us somewhere close by.
    For you there in Canada? it is weekend holiday when you can slow down for us at the rectory it is just the opposite. However shall research requires lot of patience and never say no passion. At my age plus sickness to balm my body ? Do pray . Things may work. Bye for now. I will remember all the saligaokars to-morrow( sunday 1st august) as it is the feast of St. Anne in Saligao. however i cannot go to saligao as we here in our church are short of priests and 25 thousand to Boas festas fr. nascimednto mascarenhas

  • fr.nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear Fausto,
    Greetings from rainy Goa !.
    Could you please give me some geneological details of Mr.Cincinatus de Abreu from Karachi? Is there any one of his from whom I could contact and get also some details of his family. I am also from Saligao as Mr. Cincinatus de Abreo was. He from Abreu-vaddo, Arrarim, Saligao Goa. I will be very grateful to you. Kindly do the needful.
    My prayers are with you. Much love, fr.nascimento mascarenhas.

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Further to my email to you, please find additional information on Cincinatus Fabian D’Abreo obtained from Wikipedia.
    ‘Cincinatus Fabian D’Abreo was born in Goa, India, on 24 September 1862. His father Manuel D’Abreo had migrated to Sindh in 1846.
    He was educated at St Patrick’s High School, Karachi. However, he had to discontinue his studies at the age of 16 and earn a living, due to the unfortunate death of his father. He was first employed by the Civil and Military Gazette Press as a clerk. Two years later he joined the British business, Forbes, Forbes and Campbell, engaged in the import
    and export trade. In 1889, at the age of 27, he joined the Sind Commissioner’s office as a clerk. In 1895 he was promoted to the position of assistant collector of Sukkur and finally was elected president of the municipality.
    In 1897 he returned to Karachi, where he occupied various posts such as assistant collector of customs, and shipping master. He was appointed acting collector of customs on two occasions. He was a councillor of Karachi Municipality for many years and made a remarkable contribution to civic life in Karachi.
    D’Abreo was instrumental in starting the Karachi Goan Association. He also played a part in the launch of the Indian Flour Mills, the Union Press, and the Indian Life Assurance Company, of which he was secretary for many years. He was also one of the directors of the Karachi Building and Development Company.
    In 1917 he retired from service and devoted himself to various social activities. He was held in high esteem by the people of Karachi, who named him among the 12 leading citizens of Sindh. He died on 25 January 1929.[1]
    D’Abreo acquired 1000 acres of land outside the cantonment. In 1908, this was developed into Karachi’s first planned township named Cincinatus Town, which today forms part of Garden East.[2] [3] [4]
    [1] “The pioneer of Karachi” (http:/ / www. saligaoserenade. com/ 2008/ 08/ 05/ the-pioneer-of-karachi/ ). .
    [2] “Pakistan Christian Post 13 April 2000″ (http:/ / www. pakistanchristianpost. com/ viewarticles. php?editorialid=272). .
    [3] “Dawn May 12, 2005″ (http:/ / www. dawn. com/ 2005/ 05/ 12/ letted. htm). .
    [4] Pithawalla, Maneck Bejan. An introduction to Karachi : its environs and hinterland. Karachi : Times Press, 1950.

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Nascimento,
    It appears that the information just sent was actually copied from information added by you on Saligao Serenade.

  • fr.nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear Mr. Fausto,
    Thank you very much for your inputs they have certainly increased my knowledge of late mr. Cincinatus D’Abreo of Saligao/Karachi. Mire power to your pen. fr. nascimento mascarenhas

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. In the pursuit of my genealogical interests, I have come across a wonderful array of Goans who have left a mark in whichever place they set foot. Some of these Goans have remained largely unknown outside their home territory and I feel that in collaboration with Historical Experts like yourself, Valmiki Faleiro, Percival Noronha, Fatima Silva Gracias, etc, we could rightly honour them through the power of our pen.
    PS: I do recall reading an article a few days ago, wherein the individual claimed to have been the grandson or great grandson of Cincinatus d’Abreo. I need to confirm that through my contacts.

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. In the pursuit of my genealogical interests, I have come across a wonderful array of Goans who have left a mark in whichever place they set foot. Some of these Goans have remained largely unknown outside their home territory and I feel that in collaboration with Historical Experts like yourself, Valmiki Faleiro, Percival Noronha, Fatima Silva Gracias, etc, we could rightly honour them through the power of our pen.

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Just thought that I should also draw your attention to a site, which in its contents contains several mentions of Saligao daughters and sons.

  • fr. nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear and good Jules Fausto,
    Thank you for sending me the site. I did go there. I found several Goan names under different subjects .Menin Rodrigues has done immensely well by writing about them and we should be grateful to him and others too. It is a very good study. As I am ignorant of most of the names in the list so. I cannot fogure out if this one or that one is from which village. Now to find those from Saligao I will ask Menin Rodrigues to contact Fr. Jimmy D’Souza— from Saligao/Karach–i and send to me the names of saligao/Karachi personalities’ names subject-wise. Of others persons from other villages may be a tall order unless someone from their village is there in Pakistan However if Menin knows about their villages, then it will be better to put into brackets as most of the parishes in Goa have Parish Bulletins, Souvenirs etc and they could place their names respectively of course after asking permission of Menin Rodrigues. It depends on him.From Saligao/Karachi I will be able to study a little more about these personalities in saligao- Goa.
    Both you and Menin Rodrigues are doing great service to us here in Goa.. More power to your pen. Kind regards . My prayers are with you both and your families.
    In Union With The Holy Family,
    fr. nascimento mascarenhas

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I have already sent an email to Menin Soares in Karachi and I hope that he responds to us.

  • Jules Fausto de Sa

    Dear Fr Nascimento,
    With regards to your query regarding Glenn J D’Abreo, I have just found that he has a Blog site under the following title.

  • anjali abreu e falleiro

    Dear Fr. Nascimento,

    Yes, I too am a proud grandchild of the late Advogado Manuel Nascimento Abreu, and the proud daughter of Dr. Renato Abreu. Your site is truly heavent sent … only a Salgaokar will appreciate it. One visit to Saligao is enough to tug at the heart strings … and Saligao is part of my blood !! Annual holidays, memories, and emotional attachments. I remember Fr. Fanchu who preached in the Chapel, the Saligao Club, Padmanab’s posro, the springs, and so much more, friends of my father’s, like Uncle Martin D’Costa, Delaneys, D’souza’s, Saldanhas … and through your web site, I have read the notes of my cousins, Johanna and Alita, D’Souza and Bhattacharya. Thank you for bringing us together. My husband and my grandfather share a lot – both are advocates, and my husband is born on 16 May while Avo was born on 14 May !! God is great … and thank you very much once again. I truly enjoy your web site on Saligao. The title is appropriate, Saligao does serenade and continues to do so for all of us who have been there.

    God bless,

    Anjali Abreu e Falleiro

  • fr.nascimento mascarenhas

    Dear Anjali,
    Greetings !
    Every time I read your beautiful comments about men and matters of our native village of Saligao a thought comes to me when I will meet with you and Adv. Cecil Falleiro and your children Nikhil, Sonali and Deepa, I hope it will be soon. I am at the Holy Spirit Church, Margao. I remember your brothers Robin as ex-editor of Herald, Panjim and Fr.Suren at Mount Carmel Church , Brandra,ago. Now where is he at the moment ?. Though i did know about your revered father Mr. Renato Abreu and spoken much to your mother over the phone and exchanged letters and e-mails I am yet to meet her.
    Val D’souza is the editor of saligaoserenade. com (from Santa Cruz, Mumbai); our sketch master is Mel D’ Souza in canada and I write the essays. Fortunately all three of us are from Saligao but in three different places.
    Holy Spirit Church, Margao is a vast and busy parish in South Goa. At the same time it is exciting and challenging. So we are busy with many activities. Val is a very busy person and Mel too.
    Once again a very big thank you. Please keep in touch. Prayers to you and family fr. nascimento mascarenhas.

    • Anjali Falleiro nee Abreu

      Dear Fr. Nascimento,

      It has been a while since I wrote in to you … but I do read the notes on Saligao Serenade weekly and thus keep the emotional bond with Saligao alive. My brother Suren is now at Our Lady of Health Church, Sahar, Andheri (West), Mumbai and my brother Robin lives with my mother at Assagao.
      You, Val and Mel have done an excellent job and have helped us Saligaokars keep our memories of Saligao alive and fresh. I tell my children of the wonderful times we had at Saligao, rushing to the Salmona springs [now a tourist attraction], keeping a watch out for Sacru [when we were small, our aunts would warn us not to be late or Sacru would get us !!], walking down to church and enjoying the Salves and Vespa’s before the Feast of Mae de Deus and then the feast day itself … the bull fights in the field outside the Church, the cemetery, the Mater De school … I can go on and on.
      I know the Holy Spirit Church, as my father-in-law is from Borda and I have two brother-in-laws settled in Goa. One, is in Ponda and the younger one is in Colva, Goa. In fact, my younger brother-in-law was married at the Holy Spirit Church, Margao.
      I have to thank you, Val and Mel once again for this very important work you are doing for us, collecting and collating our memories and helping us remember the Saligao we knew and still love. God’s blessings be with you at this time of hope and magic as we await the birth of the Baby Jesus. Christmas is very special, as we have 3 children, whom we love so much. As a mother, every Christmas I imagine the excitement that Mary must have felt at the impending birth of her child, and the fear and worry that accompanied the excitement. It is a season of hope, and I wish you, Val and Mel, the magic of Christmas, peace, joy and a wonderful year ahead in 2012.

      Anjali Falleiro

  • Dear Anjali,
    Thanks for your lovely comments and thank you very much. Glad that saligaoserenade makes you happy I was excited to meet in person both Mel and Val recently and had a ‘ serenata’ Fortunately all three of us are Saligaokars. Mel came from Canada and he is from Arrarim and Val from Mumbai and he is from Mollembhat and I am from Tabravaddo I did not have “bellio” to give them so we shared ‘Kongueo’ among us. I am sending your regards to both Mel and Val Their names sound very musical isn’t it. Mel is already in Canada and Val in Mumbai and I in Margao singing Undra Mojea Mama/ changing it to “Anondit Natalam” for this season… If you are around why don’t you please visit the historical Holy Spirit Church You will meet me there. May you and yours have a Glorious Christmas and a Joyful new Year 2012 fr. nascimento mascarenhas.

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  • Jessica Castellino

    I am the grandchild of Peter Castellino, Manuel Nascimento De Abreu was his grandfather. Whilst searching for my family roots in India as my grandfather is getting old now, I have come across this page. I have always been drawn to the Law as a profession and am training as an advocate myself. Thanks to this post I have come to the understanding that it is very much in my genes! I intend on visiting my Grandfathers childhood home in Goa and that of his family. Any helpful information towards my ancestral investigation is gratefully welcomed.

    • Johanna Bayer

      I answered your Post, read in the thread.
      My mother Mecia has a brother named Peter, they are Castellinos by their father’s side, but Abreus on the mother’s side, Otilia de Abreu, daughter of Manuel Nascimento. My mother’s name is Mecia de Abreu Castellino, married in Germany, now 85 years old. Peter must be 83, as far as I know, he is in Portugal.
      Greetings Johanna

  • Johanna Bayer

    Dear Jessica,
    are you a daughter of one of Peter Castellino’s children named Tilak, José, Natasha? They are my first cousins and live in England, although their parents live in Portugal, I presume (we have lost contact). Peter Castellino’s wife is Portuguese, my aunt Lala. Greetings from Germany. There are more Abreus in USA.
    Write again.

    • Jessica castellino

      hi Johanna,

      You must be markus’ sister? I am indeed Jose’s daughter although he lives in jersey now. I am so glad I came across this thread as now my grandfather is running out of time, I want to know as much information as possible!

      Lovely to have connected with you in such strange ways. How the world is so small!!

      Warm regards,


  • Anjali Abreu e Falleiro

    Hi Johanna.
    I have just caught up with Saligao Serenade after ages.
    I am the daughter of Renato Abreu. He was the youngest brother of your grandmother Tia-Otilia.

    I do remember meeting your brother in Saligao.years ago.

    Let’s catch up. The world is now a village.

  • Anjali Abreu e Falleiro

    Hi Jessica.
    I am one of the granddaughters of the late Nascimento Abreu. My father was the youngest son by name Renato. He was an ophthalmic surgeon.
    I love genealogy and keeping in touch with family.
    Saligao Serenade is an excellent medium to catch up.
    Pl do mail me..I would love to connect the dots with you. I am based in Pune.

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